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Joe Dispenza on The Power of Thought Alone to Heal

Fresh thinking allows us to overcome subconscious beliefs that hamper our healing.

Animal Talk

They Have Lots to Say If We’d Only Listen
Animals continually communicate, and by quieting our minds, we can tune into what they’re saying.

Speaking with Strangers

The Simple Pleasures of Connecting
In our device-laden world, we’re passing up the enjoyment of chatting with people we don’t know.

Think Before You Ink

How to Make Body Art Safe and Reversible
A tattoo that feels adventurous today can cut off future adventures, especially when it comes to jobs.
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Summer Mini-Getaways

Green Travelers Recharge at Spas, Parks and Vineyards

Water Doggies

Given a Pool or Lake, Canines Dive Into Action

Essential Oils for Summer

Healing Fragrances for Bites, Allergies and Sunburn

Savor Summer

Revel in Blissful Indulgences

Grow, Pick, Grill

Making the Most of Summer’s Bounty

Back-to-School Separation Anxiety

Restoring and Maintaining Calm for Your Pets

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Trendy Transit

More Americans Hop on Buses and Trains

Fracking Halt

Earthquakes Derail Dutch Gas Production

Crab Crisis

Valuable Horseshoe Species Going Extinct

Pistachio Power

The Nuttiest Biogas Around

Solar Timeshare

Buying Kilowatts from Each Other

Diaper Discovery

Mushrooms Grow on Disposables
Natural Health Magazine Franchise
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Happy Couples Sleep Closer Together

Proximity at Night Linked to Contentment in Relationships

Sad Music Can Lift Our Mood

Melancholy Tunes Improve Spirits

Call for Worldwide Protection from Wi-Fi Radiation

Possible Cause of Cancer

Glyphosate Self-Testing Now Available

Check Levels in Tap Water, Urine, Breast-Milk

Constipated Kids Helped by Tummy Massage

Brings Natural Relief for Kids

Pistachio Nuts Help Cholesterol, Blood Sugar and Artery Health

Food for the Heart
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New School Rules

Eco Strategies for Back-to-School Prep