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Animal Chiropractic

The Benefits of a Well-Adjusted Pet
Horses, dogs, cats, pigs and even elephants and birds have been permanently helped by spinal adjustments performed by animal chiropractors.

Early Puberty

The New Normal?
American girls often start physically maturing these days before age 10—a dramatic drop in the onset rate of puberty that appears linked to diet, chemicals and stress.

Be True to Yourself

It’s the Secret to Belonging
Twisting yourself into a pretzel to please others means you never get to know the one who’s really important—yourself.

EPA: A Muzzled Watchdog

E.G. Vallianatos Seeks to Put Bite Back into the Agency
Political corruption has resulted in America’s most critical environmental enforcement unit turning into the “polluter’s protection agency.”
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Trick & Treat

Host a Halloween that’s Natural, Healthy and Cost-Conscious

Starry-Eyed Kids

Clear Skies, Cool Nights Open Vast Vistas

Fall Flyways

Thrill to Flocks in Full Flight

Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid...

Learn How To Avoid The Real Goblins

Fun Fall Migrations

A Perfect Family Field Trip
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Story Glory

National Festival Celebrates the Art of Storytelling

Warnings Heeded

New York State Bans Fracking

Nano No-No

EPA to Regulate Nanotechnology Pesticides

Fragrant Fix

Smell-Based Pheromones Offer Pesticide-Free Bug Control

Bright Future

Upbeat Forecast for Long-Term Emissions

Corn Row

Farmers Sue GMO-Maker Over Lost Revenue
Natural Health Magazine Franchise
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Red/Purple Produce is Best for Our Weight and Heart

Choose This Color for Robust Benefits

U.S. Kids Not Drinking Enough Liquids

Children in America are Dehydrated

Brain-Lymphatic Discovery May Hasten Science

Neurological Connection to Immune System

Colon Cancer Linked to Gut Bacteria

Study Finds Connection

Non-Natural Painkillers Double Depression Risk

Opioids Affect Mental Health

Music and Audio Books Help Kids Move Past Pain

Soothing Sounds
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October is National Spinal Health Month

A Good Reason to Visit A Chiropractor

Tricks & Treats for Halloween

Eco-friendly Holiday Tips

Spotlight on Pumpkins

A Source of Healthy Nutrition

Sugar Pumpkin Pie

A Traditional Favorite

Green Halloween

Tricks for Earth-Friendly Treats